We are committed to integrating the principles of sustainable development with our everyday business activities. We strive to create a harmonious equilibrium between socioeconomic progress and nature in all that we do, promoting these values among our employees and our community.

Energy & Water conservation

The hotel design and architecture follows guidelines for the conservation and protection of the environment. Our structures are built using local artisan materials that both support the Costa Rican economy and safeguard its environment. We take advantage of natural light in all of our facilities; our rooms have screens that allow for cross ventilation. We believe in preventive maintenance; we use CFL light bulbs that conserve energy and our rooms are equipped with energy-saving key cards that automatically turn-off as soon as the guest leaves the room. Water saving is also a large priority; we encourage our guests to reuse towels and linens, our faucets and showers have flow reducers and aerators that conserve water, and our toilettes have dual flush retrofits.

Flora & Fauna

We are committed to the protection of nature. Most of our gardens are examples of native species and we have identified most plants with their family name as well as with their scientific and common usage name. Nayara urges guests not to feed wild animals and not to disrupt or cut plants.

Nayara's gardens are home to a great variety of flowers and trees which have created a natural paradise for a large array of birds. Bird watchers and animal lovers can enjoy watching native and migratory birds in our gardens.

Mission & Community

Nayara supports the community of La Fortuna de San Carlos in cultural, athletic, recreational and conservational activities. We volunteer and help financially “Hogarcito de Ninos,” a home for abused and orphaned children. We also actively promote and help protect National Parks and other Protected Areas that contribute to the reforestation effort.

We employ the local community and offer free transportation as well as help transport their children to and from school as often as possible. We are an equal opportunity employer and give preferred treatment to local suppliers. We are committed to constantly educating our employees in the practices of sustainable tourism.

To uphold the values of respect and business integrity; to maintain ethical treatment of our employees; to make every effort to exceed customer expectations; to participate in the community; and to protect the environment. This Mission applies to all the employees, areas, groups and entities under the direction or control of the Nayara hotel.

To conduct our business with integrity; to be respectful of the values and principles of our employees and guests; to protect the environment and to create trust and good will in our community.

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We are Costa Rica

We encourage our guests to explore Costa Rica, discover its culture and art, and to visit Protected Areas and National Parks. We share with our employees and guests our commitment to sustainable tourism by promoting the protection of our environment as everyone’s responsibility.

We showcase the Malecus’ art in our walls and in our Asia Luna Restaurant. They are one of the few remaining indigenous people in Costa Rica. Their colorful art depicts local birds and flowers.

We offer a Costa Rican corner in our main menu as well as serve local traditional cuisine in every food outlet of the hotel. We are committed to introducing our guests to local flavors, local ingredients and local fruits and vegetables.

See map for a guide to parks and protected areas

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