Children Eternal Rainforest & Pocosol Lagoon


A private visit to the largest private reserve in Costa Rica, 20,000 hectares of protected tropical rainforest, 6 types of ecosystems and an astonishing amount of plant and animal species. Hike through trails of primary and secondary forests where you might spot some of the 60 amphibian species, 101 reptile species, 425 bird species, and 121 species of mammals that live there. The tour continues with the Pocosol Lagoon, a 656 ft. captivating volcanic lake surrounded by emerald lush woods.

Clidren Eterna Rainforest

Centauro: The Ultimate Horseback Riding Experience


Seeing the rainforest from the back of a horse, as you cross a small river, a coffee plantation or a forest is a one-of-a-lifetime experience. Birds and wild animals might be spotted along the way, your ride can be peaceful or if you are looking to release some adrenaline you can also gallop the horses along pastures, rivers and hills. The best horses in the area, a guide just for you and your family, and flexible riding options - fast or slow, long or short rides... you will decide.


Boat Safari


Experience the peacefulness of the forest paddling down the unspoiled Rio Frío River and observing plenty of wildlife: monkeys, sloths, iguanas, turtles, caimans and numerous bird species. At the end share an unforgettable experience with a real Costa Rican family while eating some homemade snacks at their farm and learning some Spanish phrases with them.